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KidzAct Frequently Asked Questions

What is KidzAct Talent & The Actors Agency and what do you do?
We are a full-service talent agency offering our clients sophisticated talent resources while providing quality representation and booking opportunities for qualified actors.

We submit actors for film, television, commercial, voiceover, and print jobs that they they would not otherwise know about or be able to audition for without an agent. We handle all aspects of this process, including submissions, bookings, negotiating contracts and more.

We work closely with our talent to guide and promote their careers, and help those getting started to develop their career. We also do everything we can to help our talent avoid scams and publicly posted jobs and sites that are not legitimate.

Where are you located?
KidzAct Talent is located at 703 Coliseum Plaza Court in Winston-Salem, NC. However, we submit talent for work nationwide.

Do you have a phone number?
We do have an office number, however, it is only provided to clients, and talent we represent. If we listed it publicly, we would never get any work done because our phone would ring constantly. E-mail is our preferred method of contact for inquiring or asking general questions. We do our best to reply within a reasonble time frame.

How do I submit myself or my child to be considered for representation by KidzAct Talent or The Actors Agency? ?
To be considered for representation, please submit a current photo (or headshot and resume if you have one).  Your photo must be clear enough that we can see your facial features, and eye and hair color clearly. File size must be under 1MB or it will be deleted. Also include your age, height, and city/state (do not inlcude your street address) and a representative will follow up with you.  If we are interested, you will be required to come into our office for a personal interview and audition. 

What are KidzAct Talent's business hours?
Office hours are by appointment only. However, we are available 24/7 for our our clients and talent.

Who would I be working with in the office at KidzAct Talent?
Lois LaPrade is the owner of KidzAct. Lois interviews and develops all agency talent and oversees agency bookings.

What kind of services does KidzAct Talent offer?
If you are a client looking for talent, we will assist you in every way that we can to find exactly what you need, in a professional, friendly and timely manner. We represent actors of all ages, ethnicities and experience levels. We have facilities at the agency to audition and tape talent if necessary and will bring in a casting director to facilitate things if you need a more extensive audition.  Contact the agency here.

What are your booking terms?
For complete information on KidzAct Booking, see our Booking Conditions page.

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