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Contacting KidzAct Talent
To contact Kidzact Talent and The Actor's Agency,
or for general inquiries, email us at:


We would like you to be aware of the following agency requirements:

1) We require that you make one trip to our Winston-Salem, NC office for an initial meeting/interview so that we may evaluate your acting skills. This is not a guaranteed offer of representation (think of it as an audition). Alternatively, we will accept a video audition and phone meeting/interview IF you live over 2 hours away and have at least 2 verifiable principal film credits, a strong demo reel or an established resume.

2) You must be willing and able to travel (most often on short notice) to auditions throughout NC, SC, and GA at a minimum. Auditions are almost always during the day and during the week. If you do not have a flexible schedule that allows for you to travel to auditions, then we ask that you contact us back at a later date when this changes. For those who have the credits and ability to travel further, we do work with and submit to casting directors nationwide.

3) If you live too far away to justify driving to our office for video submission tapings, we require that you have the ability to self tape or that you hire someone to tape you and e-mail auditions to us for submission.auditions to us for submission.

If you are still interested in representation, click the link below and submit the following information:

A current photo (both a head shot and full body shot is preferred).  Your photo(s) must be clear enough that we can easily see your facial features - including eye and hair color. Preferred file types are .jpg or .gif. Each image must be under 1MB or it will be deleted.

A current resume (if you have one), including acting experience, talents, and training.

Personal and contact information (include your full name, age, height, city/state. Do not include your street address.)

After reviewing your information, a representative will follow up with you within five to seven days.

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